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Why Go Paper?

Why Go Paper?
At Porath Business Services, we believe that print is the best way to get your message across - sometimes on its own and sometimes as part of a larger marketing plan. There's no comparison to holding a printed postcard, invitation, brochure, book, etc., in your hand. We also care very much for the environment. We have children and grandchildren, we hike, we bike, we recycle - and we are proud to be part of an industry that does so much to protect our world. Learn more, below!


  • For every tree harvested in the US, three trees are planted. Source: AF&PA
  • 4 million trees are planted daily in the US, 1.7 million of that by the wood and paper industries. Source: USDA Forest service & SFI
  • Worldwide roughly 600 million trees are planted by the paper and forest industry annually (IP)
  • Paper is one of the most recycled products used in the US
  • Total recovery rate for all paper in US was more than 63%, 340 pounds per capita
  • 38% of fiber used in the US for paper production comes from recovered sources
  • Paper made from 30% PCW used 10% less energy to make, produces 25% less waste water and 6% less greenhouse gas emissions. Each ton conserves about 15 trees. Source: Environmental Defense Paper Calculator
The Facts. Source: The Millcraft Group:


  • Print drives higher ROI. No other single medium scores higher
  • US advertisers spend $167/person in direct mail to earn $2095 worth of goods per person
  • Direct mail gives advertisers a 13-1 return Source: DMA
  • Since 1999, the direct mail share has risen steadily reaching 22% in 2008. Direct mail has maintained its large ad share even with the introduction of new, fast-growing ad markets
  • Eight out of 10 households (79%) say they either read or scan the advertising mail sent to their homes
  • 51% of consumers say traditional mail is their preferred method of contact Source: CMO Council
  • Response rate for email marketing has fallen by 57% since 2004, but response rate from direct mail has risen 14% Source: IP